How to get a contact point of physic’s Ray?

Hi all!

How to get a contact point of physic’s Ray which collides with a spatial? I can get only a spatial which is collided.

[java] List<PhysicsRayTestResult> rayTest = bulletAppState.getPhysicsSpace().rayTest(bullet.getLocalTranslation().clone(), bullet.getLocalTranslation().add(bullet.getLocalRotation().mult(Vector3f.UNIT_Z).normalizeLocal().mult(bulletLength)));

if (rayTest.size() > 0) {

PhysicsRayTestResult getObject = rayTest.get(0);

PhysicsCollisionObject collisionObject = getObject.getCollisionObject();

Spatial sp = (Spatial) collisionObject.getUserObject();

System.out.println(sp); // collided spatial




With all the other info on the CollisionEvent? getLocalPointA, distance etc…

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OK, i get you.

Can i register PhysicsCollisionEvent for every bullet? For example, if i have 500 bullets in a scene, so i’ll get 500 registered PhysicsCollisionEvent objects in the physicSpace().

Also, if you want to know how far down the “ray” your contact was use hitFraction.

Here is a proposed javadoc change that includes normens explanation of hitFraction

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@jmaasing it seems it works. Thanks man!

You get lots more collision events even… But they are reused, thats why you have to read the values in the callback.