How to get a PhysicsSpace on the BaseGame?

I'm not really interested on learning to use SimplePhysicsGame if i can use BaseGame that is more complete(or incomplete depending on the point of view)… so i wish i could use jME2Physics on a BaseGame instead, but as i guess, only making a attribute "PhysicsSpace space = (whatever how you make one)" will not be enough to make BaseGame use jMEPhysics2, what and where i should add things to make it a complete interaction? (as for instance add the line: "space.updatePhysicsSpace(interpolation)"(or whatever) on Update() )

also the code for the line that make a physics space on the BaseGame would be great too ;D

thx in advance

Take a look at those classes…

(they are basically the best example of what you are trying to do)

SimplePhysicsGame extends BaseSimpleGame which extends BaseGame…

shouldn't i be able o override Update method using a SimplePhysicsGame? i can only override SimpleUpdate :confused: