How to get constant animation speed?

Everything has been told… I would liketo know the best ractice to get a constant animation speed during a game. May i have to put some sleep ?

Is what you are looking for?

Yes thank you very much, i'll try it right now

ok i know this thread is old, but i have another question related to FixedFramerateGame.

If i set for example 60 fps, but the CPU can only render 30 FPS, then the Game will run slower right?

There is no magic interpolation that makes the game run the same speed as with 60 fps?

if i want to make sure that the game runs at the same speed on all CPU's it might be better to use VariableTimestepGame, use interpolation when moving things in the game and limit the frame rate myself to 60 fps?

That seems about right… There is a slight difference between FPS (frames per second) and UPS (updates per second). You want the UPS as high as possible for a more fluid gaming experience, but the FPS fixed at 60 since more would be wasteful. Since the game logic happens at a UPS, and you cannot fix the rate (many generations of game programmers would love to ;)), then the logic itself must deal with the varying time intervals.