How to get jMonkeyPlatform to work in Windows 7 64-bit

I figured it out.  Had to google around like you said.

I had to uninstall Netbeans 6.8.

Then I ran it with administrator privileges (I uses Windows 7 64-bit)

Then I updated the IDE from within a couple times.

Then I finally was able to compile the JMonkeyPlatform.

It runs but it says several components are missing.  I don't know what's wrong with it.

Still taking me some time to get my head around what this thing is.  I made a few new projects using the JME3 templates.  Some worked some didn't.

Just how functional is this incomplete JME3 anyhow?  Should I be sticking with JME2?

I particularly enjoyed the Q3 test.  That was awesome!

The missing components thing is because you have plugins activated that I dont have and I disabled plugins that these plugins in turn depend on. So they are enabled for you but they wont run, but they are not in the release version of jMP anyway.

I just posted a video on how to use jMP for model importing here [Edit: updated link to final version] and theres plenty of docs already in the wiki.

jme3 is very functional already, some of the utility classes you might be used to in jme2 dont yet exist (like billboard nodes, water etc.) but the renderer itself is one hell of a beast :slight_smile: You like the Q3 Test, so if it seems to you that its easier to implement the game you want with jme3 then go for it. :wink: It is however in alpha state but mainly because of missing features and not so much because of it being “unstable”. And some of the API might undergo changes until release still.

Its literally just days until we provide you with a package that will allow you to check out the jme3 power and inform yourself about its possibilities… Which in fact you can already mostly assemble yourself as you see :wink:

That video was sooooo cool!

I will gladly be putting your guys' new toy to the test for the rest of the year!  I'll keep you informed and keep the first game I create free and open source (maybe it'll make good fodder for a wiki page or two)!


That's a most gracious offer as the wiki is sometimes forgotten by folks.  They forget that its an opportunity to be immortalized forever and ever in tutorial-land :wink: