How to get the jme file

Is there a plug-in which is writen by MAX Script or any other things can help me export jme format file  from 3ds MAX. Or I use jme convert method to open a outputstream and get what i need??

Please help me. thanks

jme-files cannot be exported from max. Your options are .3ds (no animation!?) .ogre.xml or md5

Don't know where to find that plugins.

and more:

but not all of them can transport animations

thanks for you guy's help!!

Which model format do you recommend for a skeletal animation, as well as supporting LOD?

And can you give me some code about how to export jme file from java.

I do some test about what kind of model format I should use for static node in my game. I want find bone

in my game, but md5 just can convert to spatial so I can't find the children. Obj also have this problem, I change to 3ds, hope it will good.

Actually, I just need some suggestion of which is the best model format that I can use for a static node?

OgreXml does LOD, if you export the XML file correctly.  I'm not sure if MD5 supports, but when I was using MD5, I wasn't trying to do LOD, so I'll say maybe.

Well I find .obj + .mat quite helpfull, cause its extremly prmitive and human readable. (However larger filesize)

Actually I wonder why you are speaking of static format and in the next sentence of bones…!?

3ds-format and .obj won't help you for skeletal-animation. For 3ds-max the only possibilities are (as far as I know) Ogre-xml and md5. For ogre there is also an example in jmetest where you attach another node to the bone so you can access the bones (better than in md5).

For export have a look in the com.jmex.model.converters-package. e.g. MaxToJme

OK, please forget what i say about static object, I already figure it out. I can get bone from md5 and md5 works good now. but I want save this part of code of converting obj or md5 to jme, then every time I want a model I just call the jme file open a stream for me.