How to have open assets, aka no assets.jar

I’m developing on open source game with the intent for it to be VERY easy to mod, to the point of simply dropping new game assets (textures, models, xml etc) into the game asset directory.

But JMonkey automatically builds and uses an assets.jar file, and while this file is simple container that I can open in 7z I’d rather not have this as a barrier to moders.

How can I configure the build parameters to not create an assets.jar and instead to place all assets in an assets folder in each distribution package exactly as they appear in the projects assets directory.

And most importantly will the JM assetmanager be able to handle loading assets this way rather then from a jar?

On pc, you can just add a FileLocator to the assetmanager, with the path to your asset folder.
For the build i guess you can adjust it.

Yes the FileLocator did the job of allowing the assetmanager to load raw files without an assets.jar

Now I just need to know how to set the build files to copy raw files rather then making the jar.