How to ignore frustum culling?


I have a SkyDome and i want to ignore frustum culling for the skydome?

How can i do that?

PS.: Im using jME2.0

You can set its CullHint to Never

Didnt work.

I have a skyDome with radius of 500.

My frustum far is 350.

Even with cullhint.never the skydome doesnt render.

That are two different things.

The far frustum is the absolute max distance, that gets rendered, you can't display anything behind it.

You either have to either make the dome smaller or the far frustum greater.

I was fighting with the same problem a while ago :).

Humm… good to know.

My problem is:

I have a racing game and there a skydome, a track/scenario.

I want the skydome to be rendered always but i want to ignore objects behind my fogstate.

So i have a skydome of radium 500.

A fog with start 400.

And my track has a lenght of 1000.

I want that the frustum culling consider as far as the fogstate. (400).

All object of my track beyond 400(fog) must be ignored/not rendered.

Is there a way to do that?

Well… You could calculate distance of all the objects on your track and remove or add it to the root node depending on the distance every update… but that wouldnt be nice. I would just set the far frustum to 500 to simplify things

Most people do not realize that skydomes/skyboxes/etc. can all be extremely small…  they don't actually have to enclose your level, they can actually just enclose your nearplane and that's enough as long as you render them first or setup your depth tests / values correctly.

oohh… its true!!! i didnt realize that!!!

Thanks for that! Simple!

Tks for all replies.