How to implement a map?

I know that jME supports Heightmaps,but heightmaps are not powerfull enough for a real game map. What  would you use for  a real map? A simple heightmap and a lots of objects on it? Or does jME support some other kind of map format?

a bunch of 3ds models put in one node

Why put them in one node?

I had the same question a few days ago: Dunno if this could be done with JME… I hope so! But my 3d programming fu isn't strong enough to do now. :frowning:

organize the 3d-models in a quad-tree like jme's terrainpage…

mc__ said:

Why put them in one node?

not only in one node, u also need to come up with some sort of structure to organize them in a way such that the far models dont need to be rendered. well, this matters if ur terrain is big~ but if u r only using a small model for the terrain, then a random structure should be fine  :D

oh~ the reason it needs to be organized into one node or a structure is for the ease of organization and efficiency~