How to import a fbx model with jmonkeyengine

hi at all.

I m new of jme and i have need of some information.

i have buy a fbx model with different animation(i bought it because i m a programmer and not a graphics).

i want to start to use jmonkey but i don’t know how can import fbx model.

someone can help me?

i seen that there is a command line tool : ogre3d converter.

this tool convert file fbx in ogrexml?

thanks a lot.


Official format for JME is OGRE. FBX is not supported. Please, download ogre exporter for your 3d package.

Have a look at this video: – BaseMesh model (blend and ogre).

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thanks for answer.

I have some trouble to do this :frowning:

I have a model alredy animated in fbx or x format.

My problem is that fbx can’t be imported on blender and if i use .x model, i lose animation.

Can you help me to understand where i wrong also posted a importation tutorial?

i also view that exists a command line tool for convert model in ogrexml. its name is OGREXMLCONVERTER.

can i use this tool for convert my model without import and export it with blender?

i hope to solve this problem because i want to start programming with jmonkey.

it is very great :wink:

Have a try to download this buid of blender 2.56a.

Open it and press ctrl+alt+u and have a look at addons in a new window. There will be fbx impport addon. Switch it on, then close the window. And press ctrl+u in blender to save changes.

Then you will find the importer in file/import/fbx import.

fbx importer is in development yet, but possibly it’s usable…

Also you can try to convert your model to collada with external converter. And have a try to import to 3d editor or JME_collada_support.

Also JMP has directX support. Try to ask about it Normen.

ok now i try :wink: but in which way jmp support directx? how can i import direct x directly in jmp?

Tools->Plugins->Available Plugins->DirectX Support->Install Plugin

when i try to install directx plug in,jmp says me :

The plugin jMonkeyPlatform Core is requested in version >= 0.11 but only was found.

jmp is updated.where i download core at version 0.11?

thanks a lot for time that you spent for me :wink:

You need the nightly / from svn or similar I dont know how exactly it is named.

I thinks its the on here:

ok i updated at last core and i install directx tool. but how can i use it? i don’t find doc.

somebody can tell me? thanks :wink:

just right click at yourmodel.x and press “convert to j3o binary”.

doesn’t works…also if i press view model i receive an error.

this is experimental plugin. Only ogre works correctly at present.

ok…is there online models animated open with animation?i have some trouble with models because i am a programmer and not a graphic :wink: – BaseMesh model (blend and ogre).

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perfect :wink: thanks :wink: now i try to manage model :wink:

Hi, I was traveling this week so I didn’t see this topic until I came back today.

I wrote the DirectX plugin. As you already noticed yourself, animation is currently unsupported as I didn’t need it for my purpose. I can take a look at implementing animations in the DirectX plugin, but I would need some sample animations as test cases. Can you mail me some?

I’ll send a PM with my email.

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i have a 3d model but i have some problem.i bought this model in internet an license is very restrictive.

this model is a character with different animation that can’t be distributed.

i can send you but also you have to respect license. :wink: ok?

I don’t have to distribute it - the only thing I need it for is as test case to verify if the importer is working properly. It stays on my pc :wink:

ok…tomorrow i send you model. :wink: thanks for contribute of your converter.also i want contribute with an extension of jmonkey that i thinked;)