How to import and work with BVH data in JMonkey?

Hey guys,

don’t know if this is the right subforum to ask this but I’m looking for a way to import BVH data in JMonkey and work with it (maybe you also know where I can find tutorials for that).

We are making a Motion Capturing student project (Kinect) and are instructed to use JMonkey for programming.

I really hope that someone can help me! Thanks in advance!


Import it to blender and bake it as animation.

But then I can’t modify the BVH data anymore, can I?

It’s e.g. necessary that we merge several movements by programming transitions in JMonkey. But OBJ-Files cannot be modified, right?

If you want to move bones according to the BVH data, look at the animation classes and the user animation tests. But retargeting BVH animations to new models is not exactly easy. Moving the bones is easy, though. But you can merge animations just as well and they are much easier to handle plus you have better tools for adapting them to your models in blender.

We aren’t allowed to use programs like Blender, we are instructed to build a program in JMonkey/Eclipse. I thought about making a java program which converts BVH to XML data. What do you think?

:? that still won’t give you animation or retargeting. Simply try to load the data by creating a Loader for that filetype and then load it as animation that you apply to some model. You will then see what I mean by “not exactly easy”.

I once tried this and finally gave up.

however i have a working bvh file loader for JME3.

The retargetting does not work though

here is a link to the code if you want to take your chance

Try this link

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