How to import max files into Jmonkey

I’m trying to import objects from 3D max scene with animation and skeleton but the OBJ file is not helping any ideas in how to use 3dMax with Jmonkey ?

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you will need the ogre exporter plugin for 3ds max. check or for download

edit: after download and “instal” you may want to have a look at a previous topic where I asked, how to set up my animations to get them all into JME: (don’t want you to run against that wall, too. :wink:


i’ve been a 3ds-max user, too and i have to admit blender is way better to be used with jmonkey you can just drag’n drop your .blend file in your projects asset folder, right klick it in the ide and convert it to .j3o (havent tried this for animatins so far but uv mapping is well supported)

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thx a lot for your replay. Using Ogre exporter failed with me and i cant find how to export to Ogre from blender too. i’m totally new to blender and have few Exp with Max. i’m facing error code 126 with Ogre exporter with max and tried a lot of solutions for the past 12 hours with no use the most important thing for me is animation and skeletons i can drop max and start with blender but i don’t know how will it help in this field. if you are sure that the .blend file can save the skeleton for me or give me some detailed tutorial in how to convert to Ogre3D formats in blender i’ll be grateful coz its been a lot of time in searching with nothing in return. thank you very much.

about blender:

about 3D max:

you have to find Ogre Exporter for it, so it should work. about armature it’s propably the same like in blender tutorial up here.

look here:

OGRE Exporters | Ogre Wiki

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