How to install JMonkeyEngine on Ubuntu 7.10 (gutsy Gibbon) - (preferably)

Hello everyone,

            I would like to begin by saying am really new to JME … I recently tried to install JME on my windows-XP which i did manage to configure to a certain point, on installing WinCVS successfully it prompts to install Cvsnt which for some unknown reason never seems to install, it just gets stuck all the while, i managed to download and set my Path Variables (following the installation documentation i found on this site for JME) for ANT… which works  perfectly as the command (ant -version works)… all that remains is setting my Cvsnt up which i believe should help me download the JME source code needed…

    As I got frustrated I decided to switch to my Linux ( as I must say I really prefer Linux to Windows - no hard feelings )… I managed to check my Synaptic Manager and installed CVS and Ant… i tested the "ant -version" command and it worked… the problem here is unlike windows I installed CVS … but i dont know how to start it on ubuntu…

Overall :::::::

1 . Can anyone give me a thorough layout on how to Install JME and configure all thats needed such as (CVS and ANT), where to get the required files ( the JME files that contains the build files "xml")

2. Also a genuine way to download and install CVSNT and configure it for JME …


Your absolute best choice is to use either Eclipse (better/easier integration) or Netbeans, and follow the instructions in the Wiki:

thanks alot, i'll check that out and give you a feedback as soon as possible

Like duenez said, all you should have to do is start up eclipse and run as if you were anywhere else.

The only issue I've run into in Linux distros is the possibility that your distro may not have a recent version of glibc (>2.4), so the lwjgl may complain (in your case Gutsy should have 2.6.1).  That and my sound doesn't like me in my current distro…but that's another story…

The most recent lwjgl (1.1.4 I believe) had some linux fixes and should be compatible to jME CVS, so you you might want to look at that.

Thanks for the tips… i am currently downloading the jMe via Eclipse which so far works for me… i hope at the end all goes well… And yes i think ubuntu gutsy does have the latest ljwgl …as i had earlier checked in the synaptics, what i would like to know if anyone has a clue, is how to start the cvs or matter of fact run jME…on ubuntu… i would be most grateful, as i would not have to be jumping form one OS to another…  thanks, all love to the people on the forum… i just joined today and i already have gotten help in less than 30mins… it shows good people are out there …

To use CVS from within Ubuntu, you could do it all command-line, but that can get tedious.

You should be able to search for some GUI frontends to CVS for either GNOME or KDE (whichever you use) in Synaptic.  For instance, for SVN, I use kdesvn as a frontend.  I don't know of any CVS ones off hand, though.

After a short search I saw a couple options (you could likely find more in a Synaptic search):