How to integrate an external HTML link to a XML button?

Hey guys,

just another question: For our GUI we want to have a help button on each screen, which links to an external HTML site when you click it.

I found this:

[xml]<html:a xmlns:html=“

href=“”> … </html:a>[/xml]

But unfortunately it doesn’t work when I put a button panel between this:

[xml]<html:a xmlns:html=“


<panel id=“panel_show1” height=“80%” width=“60%” valign=“center” backgroundImage=“Interface/RedHeadGUI/Buttons/show.png” childLayout=“center” visibleToMouse=“true”>

<!–<interact onClick=“goToNext(hud2)” />–>



Do you have any ideas how I can link to a HTML site? I’m sure that’s not a big problem, is it?

Thanks in advance.


Nifty is not a browser, you can’t just link some web page.

I can’t click on a button, so that a browser opens with the given link?

That’s how for example the Adobe help also works: You click on “help” and then a browser opens showing the Adobe Help Center. This is not possible with XML?

Just do a normal nifty callback and open a browser.

And when you want to open the browser, use this little class:

Okay thank you! I downloaded and imported the class

But how can I use it in the XML code right now?

[xml]<panel id=“help” height=“6%” width=“20%” valign=“bottom” backgroundImage=“Interface/RedHeadGUI/Buttons/help.png” childLayout=“center” visibleToMouse=“true”>

<interact onClick="??" />


Sorry I’m just a complete newbie!! :frowning:

Like any nifty callback, they are documented. Check the wiki or the nifty bible, both reachable one click from here.