How to keep my own changes to JME source


I've made some additions to SkinNode and wanted to copy the class to my own project so it's not overwritten when I update.

The problem is that I get an error when compiling SkinNode in my own project that "bindMatrix has protected access in com.jme.animation.Bone"

I tried copying the entire animation package to my own project but that led to another problem:

SkinNode creates a ConnectionPoint that takes Bone as an argument. ConnectionPoint wants a com.jme.animation.Bone, but it gets myproject.animation.Bone so the compiler complains about that.

I realize I'm using the wrong method when making changes to the JME source code. Which is the correct way to do this?

I don't know how it is in other tools, in NetBeans, updates don't overwrite changes. Sometimes there are conflicts (when an update is near the changed code), in that case you have the option of using either one or the other, or editing it so there are no conflicts.

That's a feature of cvs rather than NetBeans, so it'll be true for any other IDE as well. In fact, it's one of the major points of using a versioning system :slight_smile:

Great! Thanks again!