How to load a new and fresh Blender file?

I am a beginner of jMonkey engine. I had did a simple model(a cube ). And I want to load this blender file into program so that the scene could be rendered by jMonkey engine.

So I start with the code in the demo “” in SDK( Add all jars to eclipse, it works fun). However, the program can only load and render files under a certain path in source code (the source code from svn instead of SDK, I didn’t find any blender files in SDK ). For example,
[java] Spatial ogre = assetManager.loadModel(“Blender/2.4x/Sinbad.blend”);[/java]
[java] Spatial track = assetManager.loadModel(“Blender/2.4x/MountainValley_Track.blend”);[/java]

 If I change the path to a new Blender file made by myself, an assetNotFound exception is thrown.

 I wonder the SDK has already compile all blender file into jar, then load them. 

 How can I load a new blender file made by myself and then render it? Or how to compile blender file into jar so that the engine can render it?

 I am not familiar with jMonkey Engine, please explain in detail.