How to load compressed DDS

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I’m currently trying to load a single DDS texture file into my application. If it is uncompressed, this can be normally handled by the assetManager using loadTexture. However if I use a compressed DDS (DXT3, no mipmaps) a Exception is thrown:

UnsupportedOperationException: Cannot draw or convert textures with format DXT3.

I’ve tried to search for a solution or a hint that jmonkey in incapable of loading compressed DDS and I found that support for it was introduced in 2015. However, I get this error, using jme3.1. Do I need to use some special loader for this texture, or do I need to explicitly uncompress the DDS after loading? I only find threads from '09 - '13 so sorry if this was already asked.

Thanks in advance!

I did a quick search and it seems this error is coming from the TextureAtlas class. You cannot use compressed textures to generate a texture atlas, but you should be able to use them directly in the application.

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Well yep that works. Thanks :slight_smile: