How to make a jMonkeyEngine project into a maven project?

So I have wanted to turn my jMonkey project into a maven project, but i couldn’t figure out how. Can some one please help me?
Here’s is what i did…

I first went on the wiki and saw the example pom and copied the respotories and dependecies into my own pom, and ran mvn clean install, and it worked, but the jar that it created wouldn’t run.

Then, since i wanted my android files along with me, i turn the “mobile” folder into a maven module. It didn’t work because it parent pom had to package as a pom and all of my core files were left out.

So i decided to turn my parent project into a module and so inside my project folder(in file explorer) i created a folder called protogaume(that’s the name of my game) and put all the files except the pom and the mobile folder into the protogaume folder.

Then I created a pom inside of the protogaume folder with all of the dependencies and then in the root folder i ran mvn clean install and it didn’t work.

So now i don’t know what to do. Can someone please help?

Why do you want to use maven if you obviously don’t have much of an idea about it? (I don’t either but maybe theres a solution for the issue you want to solve by making a maven project)

i want to make y game so that i can develope it in eclipse and Intellij along with netbeans

You can open the default ANT project in both Eclipse and IntelliJ

o, i imported the ant projecty but now its says that there is no javac delecration.

What is “it”?

it is the popup when you try to create a java project from a existing build file.

Opps… here is a screen shot

I don’t know, check the Eclipse manual on imports in the build.xml I guess… The actual javac command is in the nbproject/build-impl.xml but its being imported into the main build file, so I don’t know why Eclipse doesn’t get that.