How to make a maze?

Hello friends,

I am making a game in which I need a maze inside which I plan to put small spherical balls.

Balls i can create in jME but how to create the maze?Boolean operations may be there but it would be too much of efforts I guess?


Perhaps this can help

@gbluntzer made a maze, and full source code is available


I understand the process of having a model in game is as follows:

  • make a model using a tool , like blender.
  • convert it to xml
  • import xml in ur program

    is my understanding correct?

yes that is 1 way to do it

The engine provides a .blend importer too, you can load and convert (j3o) .blend files directly. But it is still a bit WIP, then if you have any problems with that, use OgreXml.

you can do it with a heigtmap too…