How to make a multi-angle view screen?

I want to create a screen with multi-angle view. What’s more, I would like to grad the visual data of each view. I have read the TestCameraMan code, the effect fits me. However, the small screen in TestCameraMan was implemented by rendering a Quad with Texture.

How can I grad visual data from a Texture? Or is there any other way to create a screen for which I can use function like gradScreenContents() in Render?


I would like make something like the effect of TestCameraMan.

But I would like to control the camera of SimpleGame class, not to control the camera node created to show the small view on the top right corner of the screen.

I’m afraid I’m not quite sure what your question is…

but if you want to know how to obtain a value in a texture object:

texture.getImage().getDate() returns the bytebuffer of data, and texture is the Texture you have passed to TextureRenderer.render(Spatial, Texture).