How to make a short video capture from my game? [SOLVED]

<irrelevant but perhaps interesting background>As part of my psychology PhD, I am writing a game that will allow me to test  how children form new categories or learn rules. In the process i've accidentally created a cool optical illusion with the chase camera.  </background>

I'd like to make a video capture of a few seconds of my game. is there any way to do this?


Download Fraps. (

Before posting the resulting file though, I recommend importing it into a program like Windows Movie Maker and reexporting it… the resulting file will shrink from 10's or 100's of MBs to 1 or 2. :slight_smile:

Cool, thanks for the tip… that allowed me to find an OSX equivalent called Copernicus from danicsoft.

Excellent, and thanks for the tip.

I used Copernicus to capture the videos for Dirty Racers in my mac. The thing I found most annoing was the lack of sound capture… Does anybody know one that does it properly?

There's also a free open source one…camstudio…from what I've seen it is every bit as good as fraps.

Is there a way to then show the recorded video in the game itself?