How to make full terrain instead of a square block?

In all the terrain example, all of them is just a square, when you come to the end of square block, it will cut off.

Anyway to make a full terrain like those in playstation games? do I need to load multiple heights map file (heights.raw)?

Any source code example on doing full terrain like in racing game? ( 1 block of terrrain )

Well, a question about this… Lets say I built a car in 3DS Max, how would I import the model?

Take a look at the TestModelLoading class… You can import models made with 3D Max, Milkshape, Wavefront obj, collada, ase, etc

Terrain is always a square block… This is for performance as well as simplicity reasons. It is up to the programmer to arrange for ways in which the user will never see the actual limits of that terrain making it inaccessible, or wrapping it around like a torus, or something else.

Sorry I don't seem to find the TestModelLoading Class inside jmetest.* package.

Are you meaning that I can make terrain by using only 3DS Max models?

Instead of using Heights Map like example in ( 1 block of terrrain )

Thanks again

What he probably meant was to see the Hello ModelLoading example:

And yes, of course you can load any model and make it act as a terrain, but why bother when there is something that already generates it for you?

I assume he doesn't want the terrain to be generated in-game (many reasons). You can load your terrain as a model, just make sure it's splitted into logical sections so that it can be efficiently culled.