How to make lifeBars?

in rts game ! its like 3DGui?i add the lifeBars to unit model node, and i need the lifeBars is front in rootNode!

Check out BillboardControl. You can make a quad with some texture etc. BillboardControl will keep it facing the camera. I think this is what you asked… right?

then i need the lifebars is top on all geometry! like the lifebars is in guiNode

material.getAdditionalRenderState().setDepthTest(false); ?

Note: the reason folks are reluctant to answer your questions is because you provide almost no information.

Past experience with every thread you’ve started has been something like:
You: short question
Others: variety of answers guessing what you need
You: telling them that they are wrong and it doesn’t work
20 messages later we finally figure out what you really wanted.

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