How to make textures tile across an the surface of a spatial?

I am trying to draw a floor, but the texture i have stretches across the whole surface and makes it unrecognizable as carpet. Is there some way to make the texture tiled across a spatial? And if so how do i set how many by how many textures are on a particular surface of a spatial

Thanks for any help!

Try setting wrapping (setWrap) on the texture.

Thanks, I tried that but it doesn't work. i used setWrap(Texture.WrapMode.Repeat) and it didn't repeat, it is still jsut one great texture stretched across the object. I looked in the tutorial programs that use texture wrapping, and even when they call the same method they also get the same results.

Any help would be appreciated

You will also need to specify how much to wrap it. One way to do this is with Texture.setScale()

That got it!

Thanks so much Alric!

May your code be valid and bug free!