How to move a vehicle


I have downloaded a vehicle(jeep) from a site and added in the flag rush tutorial(lesson7).but the vehicle is not moving properly, it is moving only side-wise.How to make a vehicle move ahead if I press W key.

Thanks in advance

Probably was saved pointing in the other direction from the flagrush model.

Just load it into a modelling program and make sure it is centered on the origin, and pointing along the z axis.

Or you could rotate it in jME before you start moving, something like this (I didn't check it in flagrush):

Quaternion turn90 = new Quaternion();
turn90.fromAngleAxis( FastMath.HALF_PI , new Vector3f(0,1,0) );

Thanks for your reply.

In fact I had tried that way and got the vehicle somewhat facing forward.But still press W button, the movement is not happening ahead.Only side wise.

This is the following code for current movement:

this.localTranslation.addLocal(this.localRotation.getRotationColumn(2, tempVa)

                .multLocal(velocity * time));

I do not know how to make change so that the vehicle will move forward.