How to move NPCs in a RTS game


is it appropriate to use MotionPath for moving NPCs in an RTS game or should I better build my own Custom Control that moves them

thanks i. a.

Make your own control, the cinematic system is for cinematics.

RTS game type is the hardest kind of game. How unit should move in such a game is a very very complex problem. It’s also hard to explain these problems without drawing, so i will not be able to explain them to you right now. but to summerize, you have problems related to groups movements (should units stay in group or rather find individual paths ?) to path blocking (a unit has a path, then an other unit go in this path. How the first unit should react ? Believe me, if you say “the first unit find an other path” you got a situation with locking, and if you say “the unit keep the same path” you go in an other similar situation) etc.

Most of the work on a rts comes from this particular problem. Everything else is pretty trivial (technology tree is trivial, damage calculation is trivial etc.)

Thank you for the answers (and insight into RTS)! You helped me a lot.

Read this, might help you.