How to network a game in jMonkeyPlatform?

may i ask a question on how to network in jMonkeyPlatform??

  • actually we were trying to make a 3D game that can be played in LAN or Wireless.,but we dont know how…??

    -would you like to help us in networking the game??

I believe someone is writing a module for doing this, but I would suggest learning about socket communication, object streams and serialization either way. Your best bet is to write your own server (or client that can act as a server).

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Looking at your questions it’s clear that you do not have a lot of experience in software/game development in general. I recommend starting with something simpler, like a small single player 2D game, alongside learning more about Java programming as a whole.

@t0neg0d: how can we create a wireless connection between a client and a server…?? you know how to connect??can you send us the source code…

how can we create a wireless connection between a client and a server..??

exactly in the same way you would with a wired connection. Harware connection is the basic layer from iso/osi, and you HAVE to learn about socket, TCP, ISO/OSI, and obviously data synchronization (there is a better name for this but I can't remember. basically is what database does)

@lesto: Is it possible to have wireless connection without database using jMonkeyPlatform?

-would you help me??

you can do networking in game with some libraries such as Apache MINA (, SpiderMonkey, kryonet ( If you want samplecodes about LAN game networking with Apache MINA you can download our game source code at

@annie rather than repeatedly asking for help it may be helpful to ask specific questions. What exactly are you trying to network? Is this a centralized or de-centralized networking scheme you’re looking to build? Is there a requirement for data persistence?

To answer the question you have posed, yes it is possible to do networking over wireless. This is a feature of the individual operating system though, and not jMonkeyPlatform. Java will work over whatever connection the host system has available, be it wired or wireless.

If you do some looking around for how to use Java sockets you will find many tutorials on network programming in Java. Here is one such example:

try this basic…socket programming

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jmonkeyengine/jme3-networking at master · jMonkeyEngine/jmonkeyengine · GitHub

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