How to open jmoneyengine source as a project in an IDE?

I learn a little bit of git. I cloned the source to my pc. I wanted read JMonkeyEngine source. I would like to open the JmonkeyEngine in an IDE for easy navigation. since the product uses gradle system. There was no option in eclipse to import the gradle project. In netbeans IDE when use import and open the gradle project only the gradle scripts are present. I am not able to look at the source in an IDE. I want some advice on openning the project in an IDE.

I just found out the answer. you need to search for the sdk file. and from there you can import JMoneyEngine modules. But still i cannot naviagte to the source easily. any ideas to attach the source to the JMonkeyEngine SDK???

Well the SDK modules are not the engine, it’s the a netbeans module suite that makes the SDK.
The project is the gradle one. There is a parent project, called jmonkeyengine, that contains all jme sub projects (jme-something). Those are also gradle projects that you can open too. In each project the sources are in src/main/java.

If you don’t see this folder, something is wrong with your gradle support.
I guess elclipse has also a plugin for gradle btw…

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Is there any documentaion link on opening the GIT Source in an IDE ??

No, just install the gradle plugin and open it.