How to organise a scene

I have been playing around with JME for a couple of weeks now in the few spare hours I have, and now want to try doing something with it (not sure what yet, but something will come along :slight_smile: ), but in (too many) years of programming have never been one to step in at the shallow end but rather dive in the deep end :slight_smile:

So the question,

I started working on a quake level viewer, and got as far as loading a map and parsing it into objects, but didnt really know where to go next…  I understand how the maps work as I've toyed with them in the past, and am familiar with the whole concept behind them, but couldnt see how to fit it into the JME scene graph.

Then I found renanse's bsp loader so took a look at that, and it looks like the whole map gets loaded as a single node in the scene. So now im wondering would this be the normal approach - i.e. the world exists as one node and everything else lives above or beneath it? or would you normally split the map up so that (using a Q3 BSP example) each cluster in the map would be a separate node?

I understand the performance benefits of the solution I saw, and appreciate that it was done to show how fast JME could render a map (according to the thread I found the code in), but wonder if its how you would normally expect to use JME, and how that particular solution would be extended to include other game entities with regard to node order or if its advisable.

If not how you would normally organise a JME scenemap to handle a detailed world primarily interior rather than outdoor.

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