How to paint on a mesh texture?


does anyone know how to paint on a mesh texture through 3d picking?

Ok, i know how to pick a triangle but i do not know how to exactly get the right texture 2d position to paint to.

Thanks for help.

If you have the triangle then you have the vertex coordinates right? Use those indices to access the color in the color buffer of the geometry batch and change it.

This is not really painting to texture (which would be a lot harder) but it might be enough for you.

Thanks for your answer but i really want to paint on the texture not on the colorbuffer of the geometry.

I need this for terrain painting. With this i want to create a alphamap for road for example. So colorbuffer is not detailed enough.

Hi mad,

look here:



hm… i saw this thread before but didn't realize it does what i want.

I have not completely read it.  :roll:

Thanks i take a detail look on it if i'm at home. ^^

hi mad,

run the webstart-demo.

I tried this but it crashes here at work. :frowning:

Do not know why and i didn't find the debug.txt.

EDIT: Ok found it but didn't see any error.

It's working at home. This is what i was looking for. Thanks. ^^