How to pause and resume animation

Hi guys!

I would like to export a spatial´s animation like a images sequence. For this I am taking a screenshot every certain time, depends the quality that I want to export the animation.
To do this I need to pause animation, take the screenshot,resume the animation and wait for the next screenshot and repeat all the process.

Actually, I do this with the methods getTime() and setTime(time) of the class AnimChannel. The problem is that sometimes the screenshot are delayed.
I have reviewed the AnimChannel class but I don’t know how to do this.

Any idea or suggestion?

Thanks everybody!

Try setSpeed (0) to pause them and setSpeed (1) to play them again on the AnimChannel.

You could also record at 60FPS at high resolution, with the VideoRecorderAppState, then use another program to extract the images.

Or if your just using the object animation, then blender can get you the image sequence already

Or disable the animControl for pause and enable it to resume

I tried the first one and I could solve my problem.

Thanks both for your suggestions!