How to postpone visual rendering?

Hi, I’m a then-and then Java programmer.
I found jME in July this year, it seems to be very powerfull SDK.
I don’t have a need for realtime, concurrent rendering in my application.
I could simulate offline and render afterwards, from a file maybe?

How to do postponing of rendering, is it possible at all?

In my application I push about 100 boxes, which are then colliding with floor, walls and each others…
Or should I try withe different fps, or multitasking?
Thanks for help

Well the simples way to do so, is using the recording/screenshot functionality somewhere in jme (it does a picture per frame)

Then just do what ever you plan to do, but instead of using tpf, use a fixed factor you need (eg if you need 60 fps in the result just use 1000/60f for the tpf instead of the real one)

Now for example if you have something that only renders 1 fps it wont matter, as you can record it with 1fps and later make a fluent video out of the single images. (and if t renders realtime or faster, why not wont hurt you)

You could use a jme in background without a visible rendering then and only count the frames you have vs how many you need and display a progress bar in wherer ever you embed that rendering

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Yep. At its simplest you don’t even need to do that - just ignore tpf, take as long as you like to render and then use whatever you like to step your world on each frame.

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Ok, thanks, I am a novice still…
I did read manual, more about AppSetting etc , and start to understand more…
Now I have a very short physics ticking, about 1/240, and fps about 1/10,… but movements seem to be quite natural…