How to prevent "popping in" of point clouds

Basically I have point clouds spawning around the player in a grid like fashion, however, when the new points (which are generally far away) get spawned, they noticeably pop into the screen.

Is there a way to make this more blended? For example like a fogstate or something?

I know that in "Infinity" the programmer said he puts his points through a shader (althought i do not know if that is what fixes the popping problem) however his points seem to blend from the darkness into existance, instead of popping right onto the screen.

What would be a way to do this? Thank you!

Well you could adjust the alpha of the object slowly via one of the update functions, to blend it in.

Or depending on terrain/complexity you could pop it in when it is still less than 3-5 pixel, cause that won't be noticed by most players.

thanks for the response phoenix, however, I am working with Point() objects, and i make clouds of them. the problem is i dont think the alpha levels works for them…

I think using fog should be fine for this.