How to program a soccer game with physics api?


I am working on my own soccer proccer project, ı am new to jme and 3d.

Working on physics now; but it is not everything clear to me. I want to make it look very realistic and easy to play.

So far, I have created a static node box for the field, and dynamic node, for (animated) players with generatePhysicsGeometry methos. What created as geometry is two large spheres, one for body, one for head. And models doest fall of from the field right now  :stuck_out_tongue:

However this doesnt seem enough yet. I want to detect if players foot touched the ball when shooting, or if its a hand touch for penalty etc.

What do you suggest, what would you offer, when implementing a soccer game, where should I start, what approaches should I take, etc. I am using new version of physics api from CVS.

Thank you.


unfortunately "very realistic"(physicswise) and "easy to play" is not an easy match…"real" physics like ODE is pretty darn hard to get full control over, which is certainly something you would want in a soccer game.

i would suggest scrapping the ode physics and doing the ball physics etc yourself…it's not a very tough groundcollision(pretty much flat) and the players should move pretty strictly after what keys you press not to feel sloppy(as they would with "real" physics, even if you put an acceleration of infinite power on a player to move him)…

not sure if that's the kind of soccergame you wish to make though…a crazy bounce everything around game would fit ODE…(or just use the ode collisiondetection and disregard the physics response, i've done that sometimes)