How to proper remove shadow

i have a method:

[java] public void removeObject(ObjectNode objNode) {

try {

objNode.moveThread.threadDone = true;

Iterator<ExtNode> i = objNode.objectList.iterator();

while (i.hasNext()) {

ExtNode extNode =;





} catch (Exception err) {

Debug.reportInfo(Debug.PRIORITY_ZERO, "removeObject Exception err: " + err);



when i just remove object with ShadowMode Cast, shadows are not removed.

How to properly remove shadowRendering for the Spatial. Here i tried to change ShadowMode to off and then remove node, but it don’t work. It remove spatial but not it’s shadow

Or maybe i can have error in diffrent place?

Well it should work. Could you perhaps post a test case showing this issue?


sorry for very “chaotic” code, but it should work and show the problem(or not, if problem is again with my graphic card/chipset)

this should show terrain and tree and stick(with their shadows), and after 5 seconds geometry should disappear but shadows not.

Thread is just for a test so don’t worry about it


after 5 seconds deleting objects:

so, what i do wrong? :> :slight_smile:

Can you make a real test case? A one-class application that uses the jme3 test assets like the jme3 tests?