How to release

How do I set up my project for release?

I pretty sure I need to…

  • Include copyright notice
  • Give credit for assets
  • Move assets from the handy-dandy Project Assets to somewhere else.

But I’m not entirely sure how to do those things correctly.

Hope to release an beta-stage project soon! :boom:

What is a handy dandy project? I tried googling it but it doesnt turn anything up.

Are you gradle or maven (or ant)?

You could probably get how-to ideas from any open-source JME project. For instance:

Ok, I was totally misunderstood.

How do I prep my project so it can be run on other computers?

if Gradle application plugin do not already create exe/etc executables

plugins {
    id 'application'

then you just need search another Gradle plugin that will make it…(on build app)

Anyway Java executable can be run on every system anyway, its just not proper.

If you use ANT JME SDK, then i belive it were doing it already on start.(on build app)

In every case, you need provide version that is not “development one” but what is inside “dist” folder that Gradle builded.

Also some people provide Virtual Machine to be used along with game (to avoid java version issues/etc)

I think I’m using ANT. When I click “build project” it produces a JAR file which can be used to run the project, but only if the project is local.

What about exporting as ZIP?

Wrap this jar using an exe wrapper or a bash script on Linux & I think you are ready to go, you can also wrap the executable file together with other assets using an installer to build a zip file or exe installer :

1-Java exe wrapper use : launch4j

2- for advanced installers :

That what I have used for my ANT projects, you can use those with gradle too.

I donot know what else then ? , May be use the installer in something like steam, may be, I haven’t published a full maintainable software before(except for google play) , but I see Mythruna , Lightspeed Frontier and the jumping jack may be good examples for you.

About copyright & other infringements , usually most of the advanced installers softwares have a wizard for those like ‘Do you accept our liscence ?’ dialogs & so on , you can configure what suites you.

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If you’re planning on using steam you dont need an installer at all. You just lay the project out however it needs to be on the installed computer and then use steam pipe to upload that to steam. Then steam puts everything in that layout on the end users machine.