How to remove base lightning from scene?

I use skydome in my scene and I would not have base lights.

If I don't add skydome my terrain is still lighted, I don't want it appens.

Are you using SimpleGame? BaseSImpleGame? If yes, in the simpleInitGame() function you can use "this.lightState.detachAll()".

You're right I'm silly as the usual.

I don't use any kind of game, I mean, my app does not extend any jme game.

Anyway I'm going to see what's in the method you mentioned.

make sure lighting is turned on  :expressionless:

I dont' understand where base lights are setted.

I mean, are they in displaySystem ? in the renderer ? …

If do not add any light in the scene, why is my scene lighted ?

Remember that I do not use any kind of jme game.

Default lighting is done in e.g. SimpleGame. If you don't derive from any jME 'Game' class and do not add any lights(tates) to your scene, lighting is off. But this does not mean everything is black! Everything has full brightness in this case. So add a lightstate to remove the default lighting :wink: