How to render a beam of light?

hi there.

i want to render a beam of directional light. something like this:

how can i do it.

like this

Ehm, it seems dark to me

I don't see any pictures if you are trying to post one.  but usually shafts of light are done via a stretched billboarded quad with an alpha blended texture on it.

You can get the URLs of there posts by pressing the quote butten. There must be some sort of filter for that site. Mojo do you know anything about this?

Edit: only the 3ed url works for me.

cylindric mesh with an alpha blended texture…

i recommend using image shack for picts:

can you see the picture?

works like a charm!

this effect looks great. is there any source available for a total 3d noob?

btw: there are quiet good effects discussed here (like raindrops etc). is it possible to include the sources as examples in the distribution of jme?

Unfortunately the effect you see in those images is not done in jME. It is in some video and was only an example of what jDonkey wanted to achieve.

I have no idea whether he had any success on this.

looks like something you could do with a stretched quad and alpha blended texture to me…