How to retarget animations from BVH files?

I am working on improving the animations for my game while upgrading to the new animation system, and I am looking to find the best way to retarget animations between 2 different skeletons.

It is looking like the Maud editor will be my best choice - I recall a long time ago seeing a video using Maud to retarget animations, but I did not bookmark it, and I cannot seem to find it again unfortunately. I tried to retarget an animation by trial and error a few weeks ago, but I got stuck on the bone mapping step.

I am also curious if animation retargeting is supported for the new animation system? Or if I should retarget my animations using the old anim system and then migrate to the new system afterwards.

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Maybe this helps, it’s for the old animation system, so you need to do the migration afterward I think.

In my case I retarget BVH animations to a T posed dummy character in Blender and export it as Gltf then in JME I load that dummy character and retarget animations from him to my other characters. For example you can use sgold Wes library to do it.


The new animation system is supported, but not in any release, so you’ll have to build Maud from source.