How to rotate a light with a node

Hey monkeys,
I got a car which should have two SpotLights at the front. I add them to the rootNote and in simpleUpdate() I simply set their localTranslation to the localTranslation of the car and add a Vector3f(offset) to place them correctly at the front of the car. But now the proble is, when I rotate the car the localTranslation of it stays the same and therefore the lights are now at one side of it. How can I keep the lights at the correct position when rotating the car? I cannot add them to the car itself because then they would not light the terrain. When using a LightControl, the light seems to be attached always at the center of the car and I can’t define the offset…

Attach a node where you want the light and then attach the light to that (with the light control)

Or write your own light control.

Thank you! The extra node did the trick!