How to run the RenParticleEditor locally


After building the project i would like to run the RenParticleEditor. Can't seem to get it to run.

Using netbeans to build the project.

Under Build i get all the compiled classes and in Target i get the jars.

Tryed java RenParticleEditor but got class def errors.

Can anybody tell me the steps in how to run it ?

Thank you

Try this:

java -Djava.library.path=XXX -cp YYY jmetest.effects.RenParticleEditor

where XXX is the path to your DLLs (e.g.  lwjgl.dll) and YYY is the list of the jars you need. On my system it looks like

java -Djava.library.path=lib -cp lib/jinput.jar;lib/jogg-0.0.5.jar;lib/jorbis-0.0.12.jar;lib/lwjgl.jar;lib/lwjgl_applet.jar;lib/lwjgl_fmod3.jar;lib/lwjgl_test.jar;lib/lwjgl_util.jar;lib/lwjgl_util_applet.jar;lib/native-mac.jar;jme-awt.jar;jme-editors.jar;jme-effects.jar;jme-font.jar;jme-gamestates.jar;jme-model.jar;jme-scene.jar;jme-sound.jar;jme-terrain.jar;jme-ui.jar;jme.jar;jmetest-data.jar;jmetest.jar jmetest.effects.RenParticleEditor

(might by slightly overkill... but it works)

If You created a new project in netbeans You need to tell netbeans where the jme classes are (classpath) and where the natives are (vm options) both can be set via the project properties of a project.

for the vm options choose Run in the properties tree view and set VM Options: to someting like -Djava.library.path='/home/sam/project/JME/jme/lib;/home/sam/project/JME/jmephysics/impl/ode/lib'

where in the given directories are the native libs (.dll on windows, .so on linux)



Thank you for your replies.

With both i cam to the conclusion i better add a new option to the build file like the testChoser option. (NETBEANS ONLY)

what i did is:

open te Build.xml and add the following lines