How to set up LWJGL

I am going through the tutorial for setting up jME with netbeans and it has been working perfectly so far except I realized that I don't have the LWJGL. Does anyone know how I set that up with netbeans? Is it similar to setting up jME, but I get LWJGL from

Here are the tutorial pages that I am using:

Thanks for any help!

LWJGL comes with jME, look in your <jmeCheckoutPath>liblwjgl folder. Just add the LWJGL.jar to your classpath and be sure to add the native library to your clashpath as well.

I opened and there are errors like:

import org.lwjgl.BufferUtils; -> package org.lwjgl does not exist


import com.jme.image.Image; -> package com.jme.image does not exist


import com.jme.math.FastMath; -> package com.jme.math does not exist