How to setup jMe3?

Hi guys! Iam totaly new at jMe3!

I read something here at the documentations how to create a new poject. There i see after they create a basic project a treestructur at the left site with the folders of a clear project. After i do that i see nothing. No tree not folders… Must i setup first something? I install Netbeasn, jMe3 and what i need. But i cant create a new project. it allways clear!


Is this the documentation you are talking about?

From your explanation I don’t understand whether you are using the jME3 source with NetBeans, or if you’re using jME3 with NetBeans and jMonkeyPlatform. Anyhow, if you download and install jMonkeyPlatform, you won’t need anything else for jME development; it’s all part of the package.

I have installed the platform but every time i create new project i have no folderstructir he dont create anything only a clear folder in the projectsfolder…


I dont see…

After i click FINISH i see thist:

Have you updated the platform to the latest version?

Tools->Plugins->Settings->Check “nightly update center”


Help->Check for Updates

Yes no Updates availeble!

I have captured a video of that what i do…

If I remember well I had the same problem like you.

and I installed jdk and then it works (I had jre)

have you installed java jdk ?

if that dont work then others will help you I’m out of idea ^^

OK i have it! Not SDK oder JDK i MUST install some PlugIns…l After i installed ALL PlugIns its all Ok now :slight_smile: