How to show a geometrical feature on an object?


I want to show some patterns on a geometry…like a line, a semicircle or an arc…

So if I amke a line segment, then how can I paste it to an object/geometry?


Are you adding the line segment to the Node that contains the geometry?

And… if they are 2d geometrical features… why not modify the material of the geometry to add the features?

No I am not adding line segment to geometry.

My objective is to make a carrom board for which I have made a box.

Now I want to have those lines, circles etc on carrom board.

How to do it?



hi nehon…but then i would need images of those lines and arcs…m i right?

Yes, you would need an image with those lines and arcs…

Well i understand that you are fairly new to 3D development, but you should try to read about the state of the art.

Search for Texture mapping on google

u r right nehon.

And I will have to do what u have asked for.