How to show boundings in a baseSimpleGame

can u tell me how to show the bounding volumes in an baseSimpleGame ?

it doesnt work with pressing "b"

i tried it with

do u mean

box.setModelBoundings(new BoundingBox())

for example (i've done that)

or setup in the baseSimpleGame ???

(dont know how)

Are you sure you have setup boundings?

did you do box.updateModelBounding() ?

I think you need to call doDebug(Renderer r). If you take a look at the source it contains:

if ( showBounds ) {

  Debugger.drawBounds( rootNode, r, true );


thx a lot TomPomme … thats exactly what i was looking for!!!

i didnt look at doDebug method…

thx to renanse too :slight_smile: