How to shut down 3D view (SimpleApplication) part?

Hello guys,

I’d like to know your opinions. I am programming small simple application to design a room. Simple flat-designer. This application could be devided into two main parts: 2D editor and 3D view. So user can design own room in editor and then, there is the button “3D view” where instance of SimpleApplication is created, so view.start() is calling from there and vualaaa, you can walk around and see furniture in room virtually.

problem part: if you want to quit “3D view”, press “Esc” then java platf. binary stop working… how to do it? I wana stop SimpleAppl. and exit it to 2D editor… check link bellow:

how are you solving part where you are calling launch jme part from some other places? some examples and sample codes would be realy helpful! thank you!

Windows sucks!

I’m pretty sure that was not what he wanted to hear.

@memonick said:
I'm pretty sure that was not what he wanted to hear.

I'm pretty sure he knows now that's the true life.

Check the tests runner, it does exactly what you want if I’m not mistaken?

@normen said:
Check the tests runner, it does exactly what you want if I'm not mistaken?

tests runner? I don't know what do you mean at all... be more concrete please. Where to check it?

The class that runs the jme3 tests, its part of the test classes.

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ok I 'll check it out, thank you :expressionless:

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Why that expression :P?

really tired of solving problems with sdk and time wasting… I didnt think anything bad, sorry if you feel touched

He just wanted to say something :stuck_out_tongue:

Its like the same:

-“Where can I download the SDK?”

-Here :

-Oh! Thanks :x!

@glaucomardano, thanks for proving my point :stuck_out_tongue:

@glaucomardano said:
Its like the same:

-"Where can I download the SDK?"

-Here :

-Oh! Thanks :x!

u re mad :D

there are some off topics because of my ways of expression :stuck_out_tongue: but… I need to terminate SimpleApplication part without destroying my process and causing java binary to stop warking… 3Dview isn’t main part of my application, so I need to close it and continue by editing my room in 2Deditor part - swing gui. How to do that?

Are you running some thread on your application? Like Timer or callables…? If yes, override the Application.destroy() method and destroy them. If it’s stoping working then there’s anything weird in your app, do you agree? I do that way in my application.

there are no threads, timers etc. so there must be something weird maybe… I don’t know which parts are destroyed (what everything is destroyed) by hiting “esc”…

I will spend some time solving this main problem… and I think when in Slovakia is 2 a.m., in Brazil is better time to sit by computer :smiley: gn

You might be doing something weird in AWT threads.

Yeah, I have time to play some game now before going to sleep :D.