How to slow down animations?

I am using the “Ninja” model (Ninja.mesh.xml) that ships with the test-data.jar and am just playing around with animations. I have the following update loop:

public void simpleUpdate(float tpf) {
    NinjaState ninjaState = determineNinjaState();
    animationChannel.setSpeed(0.05f); // doesn't matter how small I make it, same effect

    if(ninjaState == NinjaState.Backflip) {
        animationChannel.setAnim('Backflip', 0.5f);

When I run this, everything works fine, but the animation executes really fast, as in maybe 1/2 second or so. I’m trying to see if I can get the Ninja to do a “slow-mo” backflip over the course of, say, 2 seconds. Is there any way to do this in jME or is that controlled exclusively by the modeling tool (Blender, etc.)?

If only that was a way to set the Speed of an animation…
Have you tired to ctrl + space after “animationChannel.”?
how far are you into your tutorial reading?

Thanks @nehon, I did try that, but forgot to mention it. Please see my update: it doesn’t matter how small I make the speed, the animation is unaffected.

ha ok,
setAnim reset the speed to 1 you have to set the speed after setAnim.
Again, try to read the code, ctrl + click on setAnim would have given you that answer.

You can just cooy paste that code IMO and it works. I guess easier to play with. Some how I have the feeling that simple update which is called (depending) 60 times a second is not the right place to set the speed and so on. And when I read this sample animation is a control with its own update which takes care for the animation.

But yeah work through all samples, that took me around 2-3 hours work and reading. Helps extremely really.