How to split large scene and load/unload dynamically on camera movement?

Hi All,
I have downloaded OpenStreatMap of my city and edited it in blender. the output file is about 80 Mb of data in size. Now loading whole scene at once can be a bad idea. I thought to cut whole map in to chunks using blender but than I’ll have to load all scenes one by one manually so I am looking for some alternative way if any in JME3. The map is already divided in to small squares while roads, buildings and trees are separate entities. I also want to set an identity to different zone in map.

Any idea?

I have created a similar system in JME in which my world is split into segments, like a giant grid of squares. The camera starts in a segment and this is the middle segment. I load 8 segments all surrounding this segment, so 9 total. When the camera goes ‘x’ units into another segment I begin loading the new segments around the outside of the new “middle” segment. Each segment is actually a j3o, all of which have geometries attached. The geometry has userData set telling me what it is, e.g. pointLight, spotLight, prop, emitter, and so on. Using this I then load the relevant bits and the segment is done.

But yeah you’re probably gonna want to load it in bits as you’ve already said.

Kind of depends on what the actual question is as it’s a HUGE topic. (Equivalent: “I have a car, is there some tool that would let me take it apart and put it back together again?”)

If the question is “Does JME have the ability to split OpenStreetMap data?” then the answer is:
No, JME has no built in tool for partitioning OpenStreetMap data.

If the question is merely “Should I partition my data?” then the answer is:
Yes, most definitely.

…if the question(s) was/were something different then those will need to be asked.

well, you give me answer but still I’ll refine my question :grinning: . I knew that JME do not load OSM file. the scenario was, I downloaded OSM file and imported in blender. After some editing I EXPORTED it in some format which JME supports. this exported file is about 80 Mb. In the file the total base area of map is divided into hundreds of equal square areas(separate nodes and geometry per square with name like ‘area001’ to ‘area230’ etc.). thousands of roads and houses which are separate nodes and geometries on top of whole map.

Now the question is that when the area is already divided into square chunks in single file, than still I need to separate each of them and put in separate files? instead of separating files, is there any option within JME to load/unload some square areas(nodes) from whole scene according to camera position or may be neighbor areas to current one like tiles?

Ok, now this is the correct question. sorry for the previous one.

You will still probably want them as separate files. There is no built in mechanism to split geometry into separate files.