How to stop camera from turning upside-down

How do I stop the camera from becoming upside-down when the camera is rotated up or down too far?

You can cap the vertical rotation fairly simply by checking the Y value of the camera’s normalized viewDirection, and then add some code that checks and prevents it from passing those max/min values every frame.

In my project, I prevent the camera from looking up once it has a viewDirection with a Y Value near 0.9, and I prevent the player from looking down any further when the values around 0.15, but you may want to adjust these values to first your use case.

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Or don’t use FlyByCamera since it’s really only suitable for demos/tests in the long run.

My SiO2 library has a MovementState which by default mostly acts like fly cam but clams pitch to +/- 90 degrees:

…with the added benefit of being able to swap out the handlers if you want to move a char control or a game object directly.

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If you are using a Chase Camera, you can set maxVerticalRotation (and min). you can also inspect its code to see how they handle that.