How to transform vector to parent but not world

I have a position within one spatial, now I want to calculate the position of this relative to the parent. So kinda like localToWorld but localToParent. However i can’t find a method for this in jme :frowning:

Anyone can give me a tip?

local translation?

localtranslation would be the position of the node, but not my position I want to translate to parent that is relative to this node

(like you have a player and want a point 10 meters right of him but in the coordinate system of the parent of the player.)

com.jme3.math.Transform has a method for that

Well forgive me if this sounds nooby, but wich one ? I treid the inverseVector thingy, but either I made a mistake or it’s the wrong transformation.

something like combineWithParent using this you can move “up and down” in the hierarchy. remember rotation also influences the location so you need the whole transform info

Thanks that helped me to get it finally working :wink: