How to undelete a file (some idiot) deleted using the SDK

Not that you or I would ever need to do such a thing :wink:

but just in case a friend of a friend ever deletes a file using the SDK (or NetBeans 8.2) and is desperate to recover their hours of precious work, here’s a trick that might rescue them:

  1. Open the “Files” window using Ctrl-2 or “Window” → “Files”.
  2. Navigate to the parent folder/directory where the file used to be.
  3. Right-click on that folder and select “History” → “Revert Deleted”.
  4. Check the checkbox next to the file you—I mean, they—wish to undelete.

hehe, i also know one crazy solution.

create same name file in same dir, then open this file, go history tab(Source |History) and revert.

but i didnt knew its possible via folder history.

Anyway if using git, its much easier.

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I have GitKraken running 100% of the time, a little bit easier - commit + amend to the local repo gets used frequently!


Yes, if my work—I mean their work—had been properly committed to the Git repo in the first place, Git would’ve provided a much better solution.

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well, we use

git for code
subversion for assets

i didnt used GitKraken, but as i see its just an app for manage git.
Netbeans/JME SDK have git manage itself anyway.

about assets, there is also something like git addon for big files, but need install it on clients too.

I browse/search repo history, revert, restore, etc. so much that GK has become a key tool for me that’d be painful to lose. I even find it easier to browse source than the IDE sometimes, or do quick trivial file edits. Just my personal workflow, I haven’t met anyone else who works exactly the same way yet.

I definitely don’t “get” people who ONLY use a command line for Git (I use cli plenty, just don’t think it’s the right tool here, especially when resolving conflicts or browsing). Ultrawide monitor may have something to do with it.:laughing:


watch out, some of people consider it heresy for some reason :innocent:

myself i use IDE, but maybe will try this GK if you say its nice.

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Meh, I’m not afraid of cli hipsters. :rofl: Linux user, I use cli plenty, just not for Git (usually)!